Opening a world of opportunities to you.

Turas Group helps you tap into top-tier college students who are ready to go global. We bring first-class American talent to the front door of your business.

There is a growing generation of workers that want to take their vocation global. At Turas, we help you access that pool of energetic and skilled workers. Don’t be limited by geography or the constraints of your network. Let Turas find premium global talent to fill your need. 

How do we provide support?

Every Employer is partnered with an in-country Turas Group Consultant who provides daily job counseling to help sharpen necessary skills to maintain excellent job performance. These skills include:

  • Professionalism & Teachability
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time Management

Why hire a Turas associate?

  • Evaluate for skill and envision students as potential hires to your company post graduation
  • Bring on a skill not currently present in company
  • Associates commit to serve your team, which can raise morale and energy
  • Accomplish projects & task more quickly

How do we screen?

Every Associate must meet the following criteria:

  • 3.5+ / 4.0 cumulative GPA
  • Degrees in Business Management, HR, Engineering, Marketing or related field
  • Previous workplace experience. Some Associates have experience at MetLife, Accenture, Nike, etc.
  • Proven record of competency & consistency
  • Character References & background check
  • Extensive Volunteer experience

How do we train?

Associates undergo intensive workplace mentor training programs and have demonstrated:

  • Ability to work long hours
  • Critical thinking
  • Excellence & Leadership
  • Cross Cultural & Relational skills

Interested in going global with your career? 

If you picture yourself as a part of the global marketplace, Turas can help guide you through the process. From initial assessment through coaching sessions, Turas will introduce you to all the tools and techniques you need to find work across the globe. Let us help you go. 

Build your team.

We make it our highest priority to come alongside you, understand your business, your culture and your needs. 

Advance your Career.

You are not a commodity. Don’t be treated like one. Turas helps you find the right “next step” for your career.