Partners and advisers in your search.

You are not a commodity. Don’t be treated like one. Turas joins you in your career journey. We partner with you to help you find the right “next step” for your career.

The Turas Group draws from decades of experience in permanent placement recruiting to help you find the right role to match your abilities, personality, and ambitions. As an intentionally small firm, we focus on the quality of our process over the quantity of our partners.

The Turas Difference

We only partner with the most qualified candidates. In order to determine whether you are the right candidate for a role, we assess the following aspects.

Do you have the required skills and experience to do the job at the highest level?

Finding the right job means determining if you have the right skills and experience for the job. Many recruiters don’t care about fit. They only want people to throw at an employer.  How do we evaluate your potential fit for a role? It’s more than matching keywords from a job description to keywords on your resume. Turas thoughtfully converts a job description to an assessment. Then, we walk through that assessment with you. This helps us evaluate whether your skills and experience on paper will translate to excellence in the workplace.

Do you have the right personality and mentality to thrive in a company’s culture?

It’s not easy to define culture. But, we have seen that a direct connection between the long-term success of a candidate in a role and how well that candidate fits with the culture of the team or company they are joining. How do we determine the culture? It begins by asking the right questions of the employer. Only then can we determine if you will be a good fit for a company. Skipping this step may not be immediately obvious, but over time, the importance of it will show. You will make a contribution to your culture – either enhancing it or undermining it.

Do you have the humility and integrity to be a trusted member of a team?

Character matters because trust matters. For you to be a trusted team member, the team needs to respect you. Each member of the Turas team has professional experience in life coaching and counseling. This distinctive enables us to ask questions that get to the heart of who you really are. We firmly believe that humility and integrity are key markers to excellence in work. Therefore, we will only work with candidates who we can affirm as having the kind of character that will earn an employer’s trust.

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