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The Turas Group has been building lasting relationships with quality candidates for over 15 years. Everyone is on a journey to find a job that satisfies, that challenges, that rewards, and that inspires.

We have built our company on prioritizing this journey. The employees we work with are just as important as the employers we connect you with.  Our desire is to get to know you personally and assist you in thinking through your career goals and desires.  Our My Journey Program helps us understand where you are in your journey and how we can help you get to the next stage.

My Journey Program

Stage 1: My Dream Job – career counseling and planning
Stage 2: My Profile – using a network in LinkedIn and your resume to get you there
Stage 3: My Interview – getting and winning the interview

Stage 1: My Dream Job – Career Counseling and Planning

Where do you want your career to be in 5, 10, or 20 years?  When you are 65 and look back on your career journey, will you have any regrets?

Speak with one of our career consultants to help you answer these questions and develop a plan to take you where you want it to go.

Stage 2: My Profile & Network – Using LinkedIn, Your Resume, and Your Network to Get You There

We all know the cliché “it’s all about who you know.”  The beauty of Social Media is you are now connected with who your network knows.  Your profile on LinkedIn and your resume are the best first impressions you have.  You can be connected with a lot of people, yet still go nowhere.  Speak with one of our sourcing consultants to ensure you are effectively using LinkedIn and your resume to help you on your journey.

Check out our helpful LinkedIn and Resume Tips.

Stage 3: My Interview – Getting and Winning the Interview

So, you have a plan and the best professional profile out there, but you still need to get an interview and face time with the hiring manager.  And once you get the interview, how do you stand out and land the job?

Schedule some time with our interview team today to work on landing and winning the interview.

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