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Mission Critical Support

Our clients serve customers with mission critical tasks and programs. These missions often cannot wait 60-90 days for a new hire, but often require immediate response with the best talent in the market.

In light of this business reality, our objective is to decrease the time to open positions so that your customers know they can depend on you and so that your business meets its revenue goals.

Rapid Turnaround

We understand the need for immediate turnaround – that is why our customers turn to the Turas Group. In the time that it would take for a corporate recruiting team to create a job description, complete the necessary approvals and get a position posted, we will have screened and qualified candidates eager to meet you and start with your company. We offer the following Rapid Turnaround Options:

24 Hours: Give us 24 hours and we will present qualified resumes to you for review.
1 Week: Give us 1-5 days and we will have qualified, screened and interested candidates ready to interview.
30 Day Guarantee:Most of our searches fill positions within 2-3 weeks. Our guarantee to you is that if we cannot fill your position in 30 days, your next search is free!

Satisfied Customers

Our goal is to make you a vendor of choice. We understand the demands placed upon our clients by their customers. We understand that these customers will select another vendor unless you can deliver. The Turas Group is committed to providing recruiting solutions when no one else can, so that you can satisfy your customer and create a relationship of trust.

Increased Revenue

Time to Fill: The average time to fill for a corporate recruiter is 60 days. Every day a position remains open means lost revenue, business and opportunity. If you could fill your positions in 1 month versus 2 months, the savings would cover recruiting fees.

Funded Position Open 1 Month: Up to $20,000 in lost revenue
Funded Position Open 2 Months: Up to $40,000 in lost revenue

Permanent versus Temporary Talent: Hiring a permanent employee saves you money (up to $10,000), provides you employees dedicated to your company’s growth, and the assurance that you will not need to replace them in a few months.