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Business Winning Recruiting

The Turas Group designs recruiting service packages and plans which help you achieve short and long term growth.

Short-Term Business Winning: IDIQ – Proposal – Sourcing
We offer recruiting packages designed to assist you in finding the best talent to respond to IDIQ contracts, task orders and proposals before your competitors.  Winning new business is not just about the proposal presentation, it is about the talent you offer your customers in the package.  We find talent that will help your proposal stand out, talent who have intimate customer knowledge.

Proposal Recruiting

Long-Term Business Winning: Employee Surveys – Workforce Plans – Strategic Recruiting Plans
We offer retention and long term talent strategic recruiting planning.  We start by asking questions and seeking to understand our clients goals.  Where do you want your business to be in 5 to 10 years.  We help design a recruiting plan that will help you find the best talent to get you there.  The Turas Group might not always be the best option for you in the plan.  We want to be a partner and help your business succeed, not just make a placement.